First Song, Part 2 Songtext
von Ramshackle Glory

First Song, Part 2 Songtext

I took the needle out of my arm about
A year ago today,
And every day since then I've been taking
The needle out of my brain.
So when I'm staring down at my hands I can't explain
Just what it is that I'm thinking of,
Except thank god that all my veins have to pump is my blood.

I've done you so much wrong I can't believe
You would still talk to me.
And I say so much bullshit I can't believe
That anyone around me can breathe.
I know that it's a little dramatic,
But the word for not changing is "death."
So I'm getting better, my friends, but please don't hold your breath.

I met a man in rehab the first time,
An organizer in prison.
He lived in Chicago when the cops shot Fred Hampton,
But he was just a kid back then.
Justice doesn't flow from police guns,
I'm reminded of that all the time.
As long as there is a law, peace will be a crime.

What the news calls economics,
I still call it violence.
If your god is a judge or a jailer,
I'm still an atheist.
But I try to have faith in the things that will happen;
I get saved from myself when i do.
So maybe "god" isn't the right word, but I believe in you.

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