Öxnadalur Songtext
von Raised By Swans

Öxnadalur Songtext

take me over your palace walls
my magic word
drifts high as my chest
my heartbeat melts a line
of helpless steps

winters where the clocks crept
and left forgiveness spinning
from a golden reel
across the field
i drop my shield
and run the last mile home

(i belong with you there
i belong

ashes in the air)

but always the departures
plunging elevators with
my new lives inside
all those unkind good-byes

star of love
let your snow-streaked hair down
for me again
you are my return through the storm
my tightrope to the light
above the door

here i'm in a city
under siege
and there a lamb she's gathered
in her golden fleece
you rescued me
you rescued me

but what do i do now

what new day
promises getting closer
all of those days are over
just come and climb with me
in the sun

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