Requiem Songtext
von Rage of Light

Requiem Songtext

You don't seem to see my signals of distress
Behind my smile is hidden my pain

No, I'm stuck in a cage of gold
My pain in the light will grow
Death is my escape
My world is in bad shape

This is my last declaration
This is my own prosecution
This is my final reverence

Meaningless is your sense of happiness
And my success doesn't worth my distress
All my tears are burning my face

See the shadows all over me, enlighten my soul
Please, don't walk away, I can't hear you anymore
When the carpet is red as blood,
Watch me crawling in the mud

Everyone sees in me the reflection of an ideal
No one can truly understand the way I feel

Pretending, never ending, hiding my cries
Betraying and hurting, I'm going mad
Come and see the real me, dare to enter the mayhem
Here and now, before I die, let me sing my requiem

Like a sun I'm shining for your eyes
Like a slave I'm feeding these lies
In a final exposure,
Of my story here is the closure

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