Mechanicals Songtext
von Rage of Light

Mechanicals Songtext

The night is falling on the remains of our world
Will we ever see another sunrise?
Oh, we reached the point of no return
The only way to realise

As we wanted more and were becoming blind
Our creations became the loss of our kind
Now we try to hide from the mistakes we made
Torn apart by guilt we run in vain

Here come the Mechanicals
Ruthless, fearless, speeding up your fall

Kneel and watch your kingdom burn
You thought you own the Earth
But this time you will learn the hardest lesson
Welcome to the new world, a new reign begins
Domination, submission
A new race called Mechanicals

Our lives, threatened by this viral disease
We thought we could handle this affliction
No cure will stop the infection to spread
Condemned by our evolution

As we wanted more and were becoming deaf
We didn't hear the cries of our people's distress
Now we try to hide from the monsters we made
Torn apart by guilt we run in vain

Oh time to hide
Now we're the ones who decide
We'll erase all your mistakes
A clean slate to start again
You treat us like a virus
But you're the ones destroying the Earth
Once your cancer is gone we'll be able to bring the sun… back!

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