Bad Boy You Songtext
von Radiorama

Bad Boy You Songtext

Bad boy, bad boy you
Come and make my dreams come true
I need your loving really bad
'Cause you're the man I never had
Say yes, say no
Baby don't you let me go
Say I'm the boy who needs you so
Hey, come and get me bad boy you!

I am not complaining
If they're not the same
As not the other women

I don't wanna leave high society
That's not my kind I've seen

All the boys who call me to ask me for a date
Don't come back the second time
What I want is someone to stimulate above
With a fever in his eyes

Bad boy you (I want you)
Bad boy you (I need you)
Bad boy you (you need me too)

Bad boy you (just take me)
Bad boy you (and let me)
Bad boy you ('cause I'm the few)

I will never rest 'till I find the best
'Cause I an searching for you
When you come my way
He'll see me and say
"Hey baby, you're my kind!"

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