Paper Doll Songtext
von Rachael Yamagata

Paper Doll Songtext

Only daughter,
you got your ticket too soon.
Holy Water,
'cause everybody's getting ruined.
They are waiting to see what you do.
Too long, waiting.
Everybody's cleared the room.

And they'll dress you up;
Stand you in all the right places.
Words like honey,
smile as they change your faces;
With no regard for you at all.
and you find,
that they treat you like a paper doll.

And they'll dress you up
for the flight.
Like Ophelia,
you wave goodnight.
With the earth and sky,
you cheer and sigh;
writhe as all your days go by
laugh as you die.
(As you die...)

sweet softer shoulder;
sweet suger safe.
sweet softer shoulder;
sweet suger safe.

has got their own life philosophy.
And I can't wait
'til I find one coming for me.
Oh, the bridge is narrow,
you better not look down,
'cause as soon as you jump over,
you won't find nobody around.
Oh, the bridge is narrow
and you've got so far to fall,
and you know down in dirty water's
no place for a paper doll.

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