Sofarinrunning Songtext
von Raccoon Tour

Sofarinrunning Songtext

Grandpa smiled, said "You′re so far in running."
That made his funeral even harder to watch.
The back roads ways,
The VBS and Godly praise
Before the science and shakes
And hanging out in the fourth grade.
I mowed my lawn and ran over a dead bird.
Don't think he minded,
Was already dead and gone.
I won′t have kids,
I won't put anyone through this
Through waking up alone on mornings just to stare at abyss.

Good vibes.
Everyone is gonna die.

So stick around and watch me burn
While you wallow within your own custom concern.
We've won many battle but we lost in holy war.
So look at you and how remarkable you are
You have done wonderfully well
And you have traveled so far.
We′re too young to die
But I′m scared of letting go.


Remember when we thought it'd never come to this,
The dinosaurs and birthday gifts,
And all the wishes that never did come true.

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