Sandford And Son Theme Songtext
von Quincy Jones

Sandford And Son Theme Songtext

[** feat. T.I., B.o.B., Prince Charlez & Mohombi:]
[Chorus: ~Mohombi~]
Clap it go lemme see you dance*
If you're tight for real put your hands up, say hey
Hey shawty u looking good come here and let me see you dance
Now put your hands up, your hearts will want to get this
Said your hearts will want to get this
Were at the hotel so say hey, heyy, heyyy
Said your hearts will want to get this
When we drive to the bar
Super cool stupid hot
He's the freshest from his fitted down to his shoes and socks
Can your women like it? I could care less if u do or not
A reminder for those of you who forgot
It's the king comin he ain't bout to say a big deal I'm not
50 mill I got, double down, why not?
1-7-7 Aston Martin cash and carry off the lot
They say money talk well listen shorty cuz I talk a lot
All this bread up in my pockets send me cherry red drop
Your money funny, big diamonds in the words of red fox
Gon be, smoke in the city when I come kick it come and witness
800 young women all here for young 50
Listen, if I really dig her let her meet my uncle Quincy
Catch up with these suckas gonna need a solid month of whisky
Many moons will it take you bafoons and mini goons
Prince is still up in his room
King back in the groove
[Repeat Chorus:]
Tell the world what I'm gon' do
Check the charts if you want proof
Number 1 and number 2
I'll take the rest don't mind if i do
Put my seat up to this table in the game wheres my food?
Quite frankly I've accomplished what they said id never do
And maybe ya'll was sleep and snoozin' on me before
Possibly, blockin' me from, opening doors
Everybody surprised now, three is down the road
Where was everybody when albums wasn't in stores?
I don't care if it ain't fair
Cuz I mean these things they say
Bob on beast
Bob on blast
Bob is everything you say
Its finesse, an expression, an emphasis on my name
Talking record labels, corporations, this is entertainment
It was what i meant
They be like hey ma try this
Put on this shirt, put on these jeans, put on this hat, that'll be the shit
They be like that
Sing it like this
Ya ya ya that'll be a hit
Plus hes made one I've been in my own lane and that's quite all he gets
[Repeat Chorus:]
[Prince Charlez:]
Ayo they came on solar, you don't see the star in me
Dro, I can do anything, you don't see the heart in me
Pressure becomes combustible we done squeezing the arteries
Of haters, plus my uncle is Quincy Jones so pardon me
I like ridin the may, but my shit it feels Sanford great
When it come to money boy we got that ya, clap the kid
Lookin bad as ever man sittin' in the count America
K watch sick I'm extravagant incredible
We can damage you its whatever grand hustle king twizzling
I don't get off the mic until that thing starts sizzling
Watch you like a histamine
This is really history
Watch it old lady 'fore I slip in with this hickory
Like Elmo ya'll tickle me
While I still be ripping b's
I'm back and fantastic, tell me that you've been missing me
White on white, drop it joint, T.I. finna ride out
We are the best in the game watcha got to be sigh about
[Repeat Chorus:]

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