She Who Summoned Me Songtext
von Pyramaze

She Who Summoned Me Songtext

Here in all this blackness
I feel a sadness, and it won't go away
I walk, I follow my pathway
But there's a question that burns deeper each day

Why am I here, Where do I go
Has someone called me
Then please tell me so
And as I leave the shadows
I see her sitting there
Night turns into day
She's looking my way

There is grief in her face
She's mourning lost ones
Somehow she seems familiar
And her eyes warm like the sun
She said:

I know your face, you were there in my dreams
The answer to my prayers and the echo of my screams
This world is still worth saving but I can't do it alone
I've lost those close to my heart and now I need someone
I don't have all the answers and I don't know what you are
But goodness lies within you and I'm asking you to save us all

You are the one who called me here
And I wish I could take away your fear
I head your prayers, but I did not know
And I still don't know where I came from
But time will show

You are the one who called me here
I swear I will take away your fear
Hear my promise, I will come back, I will shelter you
I shall fight the wicked with all my strength
I would die for you

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