Era of Chaos Songtext
von Pyramaze

Era of Chaos Songtext

Good and evil
The one seems to be unable to exist without the other
There's always been a balance between them
Everytime something bad happend, something good would take it's place elsewhere
But evil beeded supreme power, and isn't it so much easier to grow dark, and forget the path of the righteous?
And so the times were changing, the balance was disturbed, and the scale was tipping towards darkness
Every creature, good and evil, could feel the change, feel the struggle, and feel the ligh of the world being consumed but the ever-growing malice

The beings of darkness would claim this as their time to rule, and so they walked the earth, killing all that is good
It was then, when hope was weakening, that a silent but powerful wish went out into the night
A wish for something, a wish for someone, to end this era of chaos

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