Wenn sie diesen Tango hört Songtext
von Pur

Wenn sie diesen Tango hört Songtext

The samples won't delay but the cable
There's another way, say something, anything
Test, one, two, three
Anything but that
This is weird
It's weird
Very weird
Fuckin' weird
I'm so mad that I don't know what to do
Fighting with microphones
Freezing down to my bones
And to top it all off I'm with you
Feel like going insane, got a fire in your brain
And you're thinking of drinking gasoline
As a matter of fact, honey, I know this act
It's called the Tango Maureen
The Tango Maureen
It's a dark, dizzy merry-go-round
As she keeps you dangling
(You're wrong)
Your heart she is mangling
(It's different with me)
And you toss and you turn 'cause her cold eyes can burn
Yet you yearn and you churn and rebound
I think I know what you mean
The Tango Maureen
Has she ever pouted her lips
And called you "Pookie"
Have you ever doubted a kiss or two?
This is spooky
Did you swoon when she walked through the door?
Every time, so be cautious
Did she moon over other boys? More than moon
I'm getting nauseous
It's hard to do this backwards
You should try it in heels
She cheated
She cheated
Maureen cheated
Fuckin' cheated
I'm defeated I should give up right now
Gotta look on the bright side
With all of your might
I'd fall for her still anyhow
When you're dancing her dance you don't stand a chance
Her grip of romance makes you fall
So you think, might as well, dance a tango to hell
At least I'll have tangoed at all
The Tango Maureen
Gotta dance till your diva is through
You pretend to believe her
'Cause in the end you can't leave her
But the end, it will come
Still you have to play dumb
Till you're glum and you bum
And turn blue
Why do we love when she's mean?
And she can be so obscene
Try the mic
My Maureen
Patched, thanks
You know I feel great now
I feel lousy
The Tango Maureen

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