Killing Me Songtext

Why can't I just let it be
Just let it free
This fucking thing is killing me
-Forget it, just get it
Why can't I just let it be
Just let it free
This fucking thing is killing me
-Just get it, forget it

I got to get away from all the negativity
Anger, hate, rage, hostility
Nowhere to go, I'm my own worst enemy
Look into the mirror, tell me what the fuck do I see
A ticking time bomb
With only seconds till countdown
Whose short fuse is burning right down
So best to back away right now
Born with an appetite for descruction
Having a meltdown, brain malfunction
Look at me right now, mind disfunction
Take it all in, my consumption
Temper violent eruption
Fist to face make introduction
Connection causing concussion
Conclusion, end of discussion

After much my brain still sane
But remain cautious, thoughts are lawless
Sporadic burst like a leaky faucet
I may have lost it, mental state I'm sulkin'
Aim my shoot, just know I'm still a novice
So if I hate and I sense no calling
If I should spray now or lay down and stay down
No way now to spray frauds, it's safe now to break foul
I need out, it's killing me
The way I only see
My demon standing and I need help
Help, is that my fantasy?
Within my crass belief
Those thoughts for memories
Before no beast embark

It's inside, I can't hide
Mentally abused in pain mentors cry
Is it death I feel in my chest
Tightness of breath, go see what's next
Look don't stare, it's in the air
Demons in the mirror, closer then they appear
I'm hearing voices, the only choice is
Being controlled like a puppet without a soul
Without a strength, remote leg, on a brink, on the edge
Can't be so I sing, depression leads to agression
Leads to you get shot, it may be a question
Let it go, demons are eatin' at my soul till it's full
Dispose like a barrel, I'm not holdin' for my chemicals
Can't tear me away from the demon tentacles

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