Rubberband Me Songtext
von Project Pat

Rubberband Me Songtext


Yeah it's yo' boy Project Pat up in this thang this go out to all hustlers
In the Dirty South, Midwest, East Coast, West Coast
Err'body with stacks in yo' pocket
Reach into your pocket mang, and let it be known!

I'm a pure brick of blow
Do you understand me?
I'm a walkin' bankroll
You can rubberband me
You can rubberband me
You can rubberband me
I'm a walkin' bankroll
You can rubberband me

Rubberbands on my wrist / 'Cos the stacks on deck
Robbers get a deathwish / .40 cal to the neck
50 G's on my wrist / I'm'a get my respect
Have you talkin' wit' a lisp / Once the hollows eject
Gucci shoes on my feet / Gucci luggage is the gear
Ridin 30"s on a Hummer / '07 is the year
Smokin purple marijuana / Sippin purp' in a cup
Ghetto nigga wit' some money / buy the bar, nigga what
Ain't no slack in my mack / 'Cos there's cheese to be gotten
All this candy on the chevy / Make a hater's eyes rotten
20 G's in my pockets / Spend it all at the mall
Girl flaggin' me down / an egyptian lookin' broad

Chorus x2
(This how real niggas do it, this how real niggas do it!)

Peanut buttery guts with an orange paint job
Stripper club flash money like I pulled a bank job
Diamonds blind from the bezzle, see the Rolex watch
Desert E. One in chamber so a nigga can't rob
24"s on the chevy, they be "ooh that nigga clean girl"
Evisu jeans, white tee, mang that nigga clean girl
We trap with the 'caine, 'caine from Texas, the valley
Smokin' good purple kush, comin' straight out of Cali
Chain got so much ice mang, you can call me frosty
They shine like my 24"s, you can call me flossy
For jackers' eyes guns got me hostile
You ain't Tom Cruise, 'cos your mission is impossible


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