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My Medallion Songtext
von Prince

My Medallion Songtext

Uh uh, mm mm
Say fellas
U ever have one them girls that just... bad?
Know what I mean?
Nah, I ain't talkin' about fine, I'm talkin' about bad
Cuss all the time, steal... man she rob her own moms
Down at the post office got 2 pictures
I'm talkin' about one of Bebe's kids, y'all - bad!
Hear me?
Oh, she fine 2...fine

Don't know why, I want that girl {x2}

'Twas the middle of the summer
Rather late in the day
This pretty thang, she walked up 2 me
She said she was good 2 play
She told me 2 close my eyes
So she could get a kiss
I said, "Sure, honey" and obliged (Sure, honey)
Girl snatched my medallion and called me a bitch, running!

Don't know why, I want that girl {x4}

I found out her place of employment
Dry cleaning - "We do fine" (Ha ha ha ha ha...)
2 manifest a little unenjoyment in her life
Was all that was running through the middle of my mind
There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise
See my baby, she gave me that medallion
And it, uh, U know, it mean a lot 2 me
So, so I walked up in that piece with a disguise on
And I said, "Hey!
I don't know what your name or your game is
But U better get your G-hind down on the floor
Cuz U see, I'm in a mood 2 do something koo-koo 2 U"
So she gave me that kiss and ran out the back door, ow!

Don't know why, I want that girl
Don't know why, but I want that girl
Don't know why, I want that girl
Don't know why, but I want that girl

Oh, turning around the corner
Thought that she would get by, huh - much 2 her surprise
Michael Yardbird dropped both his crutches downstairs
Tripped baby on her backside
Holdin' on the banister, sliding down slow
U know he about 2 fall down all them stairs, yo
My medallion's on the center line
She dropped my piece in the middle of the street
The taxi cab about 2 run it down (Beep beep, oh yeah)
But when the bling-bling caught the driver's eyes
He slammed on his brakes and jumped out his ride
And as he was just about 2 put his fat neck up in my jewels
(Uhn uhn uhn, nigga!)
Yardbird bounced down the stairs of that house
Crushing the bad girl like the Union Army crushed the Deep South
And when the driver turned his head 2 get his peek on
I entered at my medallion and broke the other way
Sister was limpin' but she was kinda good 2 play

Don't know why I want that girl {x4}
(Don't, man)

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