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Jughead Songtext
von Prince

Jughead Songtext

(Keep It Nice And Quiet, Keep It Nice And Quiet)
'The Hell Was That
Hey Y'all, I Thought We Bust This New Hype Before
All Across The Land (Come On, Man, Let's Get Busy)
(New Dance Commercial, Take 2)
Rio, Marbella - Huh
We Gettin' Stupid, ha
Germany, Paris, France
We Gettin' Stupid
Yeah, Stockholm, Sweden, We Love Ya'
Me Shed, It's Easier Said Code Red
Bust The New Groove Just Hyped 4 The Jughead
Bass Thumpin' Everybody's Doin The Bumpin'
Oops There, I Slipped Up On A Move
I Think It's Time 2 Bust Somethin' Sleazy, But Cool And Easy
(Is This The Right One?)
Yeah - This Is 4 The Hood
Better Keep It Greasy
Better Yet On A Smooth Tip

I Don't Wanna Sweat
I Want My Slimmie 2 Get With This (Woo!)
Move Your Head, Shoulders From Side 2 Side
Take Your Back Foot And Then U Let It Slide (Yeah, Get Busy)
Yo, In A Fade Motion, Lots Of Attitude, Coast 2 Coastin'
U're Floatin', Homeboys Boastin'
U Made His Skeeze Freeze (Hahahaha)
U've Been Chosen, P
Ladies And Gentlemen, Npg Introduces The
(Bum-Bum-Bum-Bum-Bump) Repeats In Bg
Yeah, We Gettin' Funky In The House 2night
Kickin' The Jughead (Doin' The Jughead) (Oh Yeah)
Come On, Get Stupid, Get Stupid (Uh Huh, Yeah)
Kickin' The Jughead (Jughead)
Aw Yeah, We Gettin' Funky In The House 2night (Doin' The Jughead)
Kickin' The Jughead, Yeah (Get Stupid, Get Stupid)
Wait A Minute, What's They Doin'
Well, Mack Daddy In The House Over There
What U Doin' Dawg
(Gettin' Busy G, Kickin' The Jughead)
Yeah, Baby's Gettin'

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