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Guitar Songtext
von Prince

Guitar Songtext


Getting dirty at the club again
Usually 'round your waist like a chain, but then
I got that call so I jumped in my car

I love you baby, but not like I love my guitar
Not like I love my guitar, no

You couldn't do it all by yourself
You had to go and get somebody else
You're high enough to call me
But you can't reach the bar

I love you baby
But not like I love my guitar
Not like I love my guitar, oh, listen
Turn it up

I tried to warn you that it's hard to be a star
Especially when you're driving other peoples' cars
Would've gave you mine girl but you took it too far

I love you baby, huh, just not like I love my guitar, whoa
Uh-uh, not like I love my guitar, oh

I know you love me and you want to be friends
And if you don't, at least you need to pretend
We're still together even if we don't get that far

I love you baby, but not like I love this guitar
(I love you baby, I love you baby
(Not like I love my guitar)

I love you baby and I wish you well (I wish you well)
I'll write a letter when I learn how to spell
Until that day you can go to -
I love you baby, you know the rest

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