Sweet Baby Songtext
von Prince and The New Power Generation

Sweet Baby Songtext

Prince & The New Power Generation
Sweet Baby
Close your eyes, sweet baby
Now don't U cry
Everybody get their heart broke
Sweet baby, sometime
So he left U 4 another fool
Yes, a fool
4 lovin' him from the start
Ask yourself what's more important:
Him or the broken pieces of your heart?
Sweet baby
Stand tall (Tall), sweet baby (Baby), don't U fall (Fall, fall, fall)
U ain't the only one gettin' beat down
It happens 2 us all
The road U chose 2 walk in this life
Is a one that leads into the next
So, sweet baby, stand tall, stand tall
(Sweet, sweet, sweet) Sweet baby

Sweet baby hold your tears back now
Better days gonna come your way soon, oh yeah, sweet baby
Someway, somehow
Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet baby
Sweet baby

Walk faster, sweet baby
Don't let those bad boys catch U now
Those things that they would have U do
U been done known better, oh and how
How can U sleep knowing that U and a fool
Sing in the same key
Walk faster, sweet baby
Strive 2 be the very best U can be (Sweet baby)
Sweet baby
Oh, sweet baby

Sweet baby, hold your tears back now
Better days g'on come your way soon
Oh yeah, sweet baby, someway somehow

Oh sweet baby
Better day g'on come your way
Sweet baby

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