Money Talk Songtext
von Pretenders

Money Talk Songtext

I'll come in your car to talk business,
No business, no money talk.
Zero in on my full of intentions,
Think you got it because you pulled up and stopped.
If money is the root of all evil,
I'm begging at the feet of the devil.
Talk to me please,
Money talk to me.
Twenty gets you straight,
Forty gets you other,
Think of what a hundred could do.
I've been gifted with the thing that you want,

Who's better than who.
Never underestimate a woman like me.
The kids have got to eat,
And man, that's reality, you see.
Money talk to me.
You're so deluded,
You think that I'm real.
You pass your hormones off as love,
For five minutes you feel.
You can buy a squeegy little silicone sack,
But it won't feed the world like the ones that I pack naturally.
Money talk to me.

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