Hammer of Doubt Songtext
von Power Trip

Hammer of Doubt Songtext

so you think you're living outside the box?
you got your head held high like you're reaching for something.
talking like you got it all figured out, as if the men before you amounted to nothing.
i'll be the one who turns your purpose into pain.
disrupt the balance, it's just an illusion anyway.
wise to what faith has in store for you, you're no different than all of the rest.
in the face of harsh reality, i'll put your sanity to the test.
well i'll be the one who turns your confidence into shame.
falling from your pedestal, you'll only have yourself to blame.
on your path to progress, i'll be the only thing standing in your way.
keep searching for the light, waste your life hunting something that you'll never find.
you want the absolute?
well there's only one thing that you gotta do.
do you feel the barrel touch the front of your head?
you're taking your own life in your hands.
and as the hammer strikes the pin, ask yourself, "is this how you thought it would end?".
cynic, a grim reality starts to unfold.

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