They Can’t Come Songtext
von P.O.S feat. Sims

They Can’t Come Songtext

Let 'em look, let 'em look
Hey I'm a flash in a class of my own
A disaster with thoughts overblown
I massacre average crap
With a head so advanced
I was kicked out of school, never warned
Picked out, red flagged as a dirt bag
Sick fuck, punk with a rat in his book bag
Pig pen with a head full of deal with it
Mouth full of fuck that, no concealing it
In the burbs where the words don't sting
Cause the birds and the boss and cops don't think
You could tell who the fink, who the joke, who the link
who thinking you a criminal
Simply cause your black cause they lack the respect from the get
So you act like a maniac
Laugh at the way they act
Passion is aimed at another map
Outta here fast
Match to the gas
No looks back
Can't find us anywhere
Friends in the headphones
Fam in the headphones
Manage the rest let it bump
See the culture is dead wrong
All the way past y'all run
Dash with the can for the rush
What's the point of a city you can't crush
What's the point of a living you don't trust
And shit was brought up and sold before we touched
So it's easily up hill
Till it seize I'mma be be underneath livin' greasily
Sweet deal, stealing to eat's real
Got that villin' skin ain't lookin' for cheap thrills
Out lastin' 'em I mean to clash with they whole set of standards
Looking to smash status I'm outlandish all madness
Traveling frantic for answers let's go
I read the future in my palms then washed my hands
I don't do what it takes anymore I demand
Paid for the blade boosted the faith
Used to escape on a skateboard slipped off the
grip tape
Scuffed up skin, gore
Saw there was more underneath and that dream for a dollar was so bored
You gotta read the scenes
Watch the grass in a pasture that's breeding greed
They showed their scales, I learned them notes, I played 'em fast
Then I was sold down downstream but that didn't feel cold
No, that was never my team
There's no code to break no need to wait
Relay, relate it all culminates in a hush

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