Sticks Together Songtext
von Portraits of Past

Sticks Together Songtext

This is where it all began. Through myself is how I built my own. Right here is where I became alive. Why didn't you do the same? Go ahead and tell me that "we are so different from each other." Come on, tell me how you'll never understand. Keep showing me just how little you believe, but don't count on me to give a damn. Your potential outweighs your will, but you can't be blamed. Convention is responsible for that. Still, I wish I could do something. This is what I did for myself. Please don't say that you couldn't do the same. Think how much you could have achieved, if only you had tried. It's time that you made the change that we all must. Because you know right where you're heading. And now is your chance to make sense of everything. Why don't you make that break? I know you don't want to play the sentimental fool. And you can hide the truth from yourself. But no matter what you say, I'll be right here.

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