Angel Songtext
von Poets of the Fall

Angel Songtext

I'm not looking for words
I'm not running from hurt
I just want you by my side

In this moment in time
Feels I'm crossing a line
I'm not looking to set things right

This tear I cry
Falls like healing rain
Softly soothes my pain
This surrender it feels like I'll

Kiss the feathers of a hummingbird in flight
Breaking up into a million specks of light
Take the shape of an angel in the night
Carry you to peaceful fields

My home is my skin
And in the world I've within
All I have is my love for you

If I conceal my fear
Will I be in the clear
Or am I giving life to phantom pain

Cos it's playing out
Every note in the score
I surrender once more
But as my tears fall they still

Kiss the feathers of a hummingbird in flight...

Grant me one wish
Send me one more kiss
On the whispering wind
Like white horses
Running in the fields
Something new begins

This tear I cry...

Kiss the feathers of a hummingbird in flight...
In your dreams of peaceful fields

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