People Are Machines Songtext
von PMtoday

People Are Machines Songtext

This is me...

Oh, this is me, neglected and obsolete, I am incomplete
This is me returning to my stability
This is me giving up and learning not to feel a thing

This is me preparing my grave in the shade,
Learning that everyone loses their place under the sun, eventually

This is me dealing with my discontentment and deficiency
I am handing in my registration and vulnerability
My guts have been hollowed out, there is nothing left for me to spill
I′m covered in dust because my life has been sat on the shelf

I'm a machine.
I don′t feel a thing.

This is me going back to bed, destroying all my intents
This is me going back to bed, abandoning all of my friends

I'm a machine.
I don't feel a thing.

(Everyone is a machine; work, eat, sleep, repeat)

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