Farewell the Ultimatum Songtext
von PMtoday

Farewell the Ultimatum Songtext

No one will hold me down
Say goodbye you′re leaving
Dreamers just dreaming

Excuse me may I have your attention ladies and gentlemen
I'm afraid a mistake′s been made, the show has been canceled
And I believe there's been a slight delay

Go ahead make your way to the stage
But make it change I can't stand the wait
I hate the mistakes I can′t take when nothing seems to change

It′s the way you're tearing me apart
We′re falling out of character
I for one understand the thought of losing it all, no

No one will hold me down
Say goodbye you're leaving
Dreamers just dreaming
But we are dreamers

But here′s the worst part I abandoned all my feelings
Got excuses? well everybody's waiting

I′ve lost it all
And I apologize I'm sorry I...

Well now ladies and gentlemen I failed to mention
The consequences of this feeling I get
Standing in the spotlight
Well everything is so lovely now everything feels so good
Now don't stop me now when everything feels so good

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