Strong Heart Songtext
von Patty Loveless

Strong Heart Songtext

Everybody's had the blues
Days when it comes undone
This really shouldn't bother me
I know I'm not the only one
To break down and cry, I don't know why
It has to be so hard

I could've left this road I'm on
Turned around a thousand times
Surrender to the great unknown
Give up and leave it all behind
But this is my dream, my life and everything
I pray for

It takes a strong heart to see love through
It takes a lot of faith, more than I ever knew
To cry and never let it show, to hold on tight and not let go
It takes a strong heart, a strong heart and you

I keep it hidden deep inside
It's just a phase I'm going through
I'll show the world a pretty face
But I'm not really fooling you

'Cause you know how I feel, you know how to heal
This wounded pride


I don't know what I'd do without you
I couldn't do this alone
You give me faith and hope
And the courage to carry on
And on, oh


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