Never Coming Home Songtext
von Pat the Bunny

Never Coming Home Songtext

The trains roll by my porch
Down here where nothing can live
I've been smoking too much because I am no exception
You knew that already, I think

If you want salvation
Then you ought to go see a priest
Because forgiveness from those that we hurt in this world
Never was guaranteed

I'm coming home, it's late again, I'm high as I've ever been
You're sitting up, you're in our bed crying for a ghost again
No room could be as dark or as empty as ours is
Because I'm at home but I'm not here, and I never am

I wonder how many
Friends roll past my house in the night?
In boxcars they sleep with hearts stashed in their backpacks
They'll make California all right

A promise from me
Is just a lie I ain't told yet
So I'm ready to die, but I'm not willing to watch
You watch me die here in our bed

I'm lying down, I've been nodding out since I don't know when
The lights are on, you're standing up screaming at a ghost again
Darling, I'm home, hell I ain't left this house of ours in days
But I'm not here. I never am, so I just can't stay

My darling, I'm never coming back from where I'm going
My darling, I'm never coming home
My darling, I'm never coming back from where I'm going
My darling, I'm never coming home
Never coming home again

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