Leonard Cohen
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Young as the Morning Old as the Sea Songtext
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Young as the Morning Old as the Sea Songtext

I wanna lay by a lake in Norway
I, I wanna walk through Swedish fields of green
I want to see the forrests of Finland
I, I want to sail on a boat on the Baltic sea

I wanna feel a Russian winter
I, I want to go to my Polish grandmother's home
I wanna see Hungarian lanterns
I want to walk on a road that leads to Rome

I want to be free as the winds that blow past me
Clear as the air that I breathe
To be young as the morning and old as the sea

I want to lose myself in the Scottish highlands
The west coast of Ireland
The Cornish breeze

I want to rest my bones in the Spanish sunshine
The Italian coastline is calling me

To be free as the birds that fly past me
Light as the fish in the sea
To be as wise as the mountains and tall as the trees

I want to be sunny and bright as the sunrise
Happy and full as the moon
I'm fleeting like fireworks, fading too soon

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