Leonard Cohen
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And I Love Her Songtext
von Passenger

And I Love Her Songtext

She′s a whistle on the wind
A feather on the breeze
A ripple on the stream
She is, sunlight on the sea
She's a soft summer rain
Falling gently through the trees
And I love her

She′s cunning as a fox
Clever as a crow
Solid as a rock
She is, stubborn as a stone
She's a hardheaded woman
And the best one that I know
And I love her

Yeah, well I love her

She's as new as the springtime
Strong as autumn blows
Warm as the summer and
Soft as the snow
She′s a thousand miles from here
But she′s everywhere I go
'Cause I love her

She loves me like a woman
She looks like a lady
But she laughs like a child
Cries like a baby
I think that maybe
She′s the one that's gonna save me

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