Heartless Songtext
von Pallbearer

Heartless Songtext

Piercing stare
Perceive the heart that I am holding
Metallic trails
Stream down my arms
It loved to swear
Upon the lies that it foretold to me
And I: its pawn
Guided blindly unto harm

Laid so bare
all that's visible is crimson
Still feel its primal song
Though hollowed out inside
I prepare
To drink deep its well of wisdom
Rend away the sinew
fitting, bitter ending to its spite

In my hands
To carve away
A lifeless star
Makes darkest day

Beyond reprieve
No more to stray
Silenced call
Extinguished flame

There, it's done
I've ended its dominion
Blood red tyrant
Now overthrown
Empty chest
Without familiar rhythm
Its knowledge, mine
Deepest secrets, shown

As cold as ancient stone
The ruined heart has been disowned
The pain is mine, and mine alone
Its grievances at last atoned

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