The Taming of a Beast Songtext
von Pain of Salvation

The Taming of a Beast Songtext

Some nights I just feel this need to run
Some nights I just want to burn to death, just like the sun
Some nights I just long to lose control
Some nights I just wish for destiny to touch my soul

It's the feeling that it's all too safe and sound
And I need something to shake me up and strike me to the ground
And root me up
And let me run
Just burn my wings and touch the sun
So let me fly, just let me fall
Just let it come

I want to taste it all
I want to falter and fall
I want to run from?
The price of?
Regardless of nation, creed or fallacy
Just pulling you close to me

Sometimes I feel the beast has the best of me

It's not that I don't want what I have
It's not that I ever want to make anybody sad
It's not that I want to hurt myself - No
But somethings are better broken than left on the shelf

It's the hunger and the restlessness that call
So lock me up, so chain me down
And build a wall, destroy the wolf
Break his crown
The bull has teeth

I'm going to taste you all
I'm going to falter and fall
I want to give up my dignity
Sleep with my enemy
Explode like the sun,
And become your gravity

Sometimes I feel the beast gets the best of me
The beast gets the best of me

Just stay safely on the ground
Just let me roam and run for the door
Release the best, set me free

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