The Pubmarine Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

The Pubmarine Songtext

The vessel's name was Pubmarin, the crew came from the jail
Our captain is a killer and his belly like a whale
The figure head's six dirty rats shining in the sun
Our cheer will never fall

Washing here and washing there, washing everywhere
Rollin' rollin' roll the mop, down and up the stair
Sail across the sea and fight until we see the light
Welcome to the town

Hurray! The cup is in the hand!
Hurray! The whore is in the bed!
Hurray! Fill the barrels up!
Beer from the tap and whiskey's on the pub!

From the islands of the South to the bay of Orleans
We left no virgins in the ports but lewd young madames
Kids in every continent, lovers in every town
Praying for our lives

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