Rock This City Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Rock This City Songtext

Just another morning,
Just another fight
I really wrecked myself
I was rockin' the night
Throw up the wine
And I shit in my pants
As I look in the mirror
I see my old man

Oh, we're fucked
But before we go
We'll rock all the night to show
We're fucked,
But death will know
You'll miss my unique, prodigious glow

Because we're born to be,
Born to be free
We rock this city
I was born to be,
Born to be me
I rock this city

I outshined the sun
And I stole the moon
I fucked with the stars
On sunday afternoon
All of your dreams are made
If you wanna believe
I'll put a smile on you
Before I leave

And It's alright when it's all over
I'll be owned by Lady Death
And It's alright if she's colder
I will screw her in the ass

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