Red River Prince Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Red River Prince Songtext

When the red moon rise by the river side
Gives birth his creature with human heart
Where the water cuts the shore
Lifts up a shade out of the foam
Shrouds of trees cuddling the hill
Chill wind routs on the sound of thrills
Ghost of victims roams his way
Thousand years have passed away

I'll be dust by the sunrise
And I will dance with the ghost
My name's still covered by silence
As I whiseper it numb in the cold

The demon's dance 'round the firelight
Gets his fate from infernal rite
The living's blood feeds immortals
Why not to kill to stay alive?
But all of the evil that he has done
Incarnates in the first ray of dawn
His love with fay who's dressed in light
Makes him chill than blights his heart

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