Pack of Rats Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Pack of Rats Songtext

Join the Paddy crew!
We beat up all the fly rats
All you gotta do is
Kidnap pretty sirens!
Go on, footman
Join the tribe, come on board!

Fear no, cabin-guy
Clean and shine your saber!
All you have to try
Misdeed's nasty flavour!
Hold on, you moron
But first mop the floor!

We take you to heaven as
Sailin' cross the seven seas
Where plants turns to naked girls
Choose one and take it
On trees there grow Rum Jars
A gulp can heal your scars
The pub pays for sink in the beer
So let's drinkin' and singin' this song

Oh, me bully boys,
Haul up the pennant quickly!
Make hell of a noise!
Make the lassies hear:
We're comin', knockin'
At the hell's kitchen's door

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