One Last Ale Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

One Last Ale Songtext

Because of rumbling of the sea
We were tumbling on board
Gale hit, we abandoned
In the winters's cold

No sign of rescue
We were starving for two weeks
Eaten all the fatties
And then all the skinny weaks

On our final sail
We have one last ale
We'll be the blubber of
That big white whale
On our final night
In the frail moonlight
We know we have to die

Yeah, it's one for the sea
And it's one for the gold
It's one for the women
We left at home
Yeah, it's one for the crew
And it's one for the sail
Tonight we die but with one last ale

Startled as we woke up
In the belly of the whale
Welcomed by a barman at a carousal
Captain Morgan drinking
Davy Jones is in a fight
Are we in his locker or
Are we still alive?

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