Keep the Devil Down in the Hole Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Keep the Devil Down in the Hole Songtext

Break on through the night
In my heart I buried the light
Cry for you to save me
From the man that I've become

And after all the bridges're burned
I feel there's still nothing I've learned
Only guilt is left here
And again I'm on the run

And I want to get old now
So I try to keep the devil
down in the hole
And I take back my soul now
And I want it right now

I feel it burnin' in my veins
But I pour again
Need someone to pull on the reins
In the pouring rain
You want my drinking problems solved
But now I can't
Only my worried thoughts revolve
Just let me drinking

My desires are the chiefs
I don't have the nerve
to chain these beasts
These monsters need to be fed up
Or they demand my soul

My disciples are the slaves
I feel they never were that brave
It's all marching to the chaos
I don't know who'll win this war

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