Bastards Back Home Songtext
von Paddy and the Rats

Bastards Back Home Songtext

Life is hectic
Not what you've expected
Lads were movin' from town
You're with a missy
Put up with her with whiskey
You never end the final round

Watching youth walkin' out the door
But you wanna get something more

Go on, You've got the bastards back home
You've got the bastards
You wont be fallen
The pipes are calling
We're all marching back home
Back home

Days of rottenness
Wont be forgotten and
You'll be soak down with rum
You'll piss on the corner of Ritz
And you puke on the tits of a
Bunch of fuckin' cunts

Now we are closer to home
Won't get you hangin' alone

Now you're back in game
You are rotten to the core
We'll put the kids to shame
As drinking more than before
Now we're boozin' all night
Take all the best lassies home

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