Transformer Songtext
von Owen Pallett

Transformer Songtext

Every time I sing you say that I'm gas-lighting
Falsifying a private Thermidor
Your love was a warm wind and me an empty sail
I collapse to the kitchen floor

When I wish I was never born
My mother tells me I wasn't born so much as excreted
But this emptiness is a gift
I'm free to write the future, an empty man undefeated

I think I've found the cure
Make sure you're living a quarter of your waking life in the present
And the rest I'll spend remembering
Scorching our feet on the sand and tires of our bikes on wet cement

We were sparklers in the night
And even now your resting face cannot conceal the light
Your love was a warm wind
As the world you left, it falls away and an island rises into sight

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