Last Days Songtext
von Onyx

Last Days Songtext

South suicide Queens... all niggas
Gather up all your arms
And get ready for this new world order
Shit is about to change-muther fucker
I'm America's nightmare
Young black and just dont give a fuck
I just want to get high and live it up
So fuck a 9 to 5
And whitey trying to slave us
With minimum wages
my niggas up in cages
Changing their behaivors
And spittin razors thats outraegeous
Smoking roaches is hopeless
We want lazy sofas and sculptures
Lady chauffers who fuck us
Full house and royal flushes
Roll with the rush
Its the official nas
Got bitches with pistols and cash
We living in the last
My theory is "fuck it"
Sexy niggas get obducted
My corrupted
Is conducted
Through ghettos
Sipping on Amaretto
Hand on the metal
Carolina Herrera
Donna Karan sweaters
Wrap over leathers and
Gold plated guns and grenades
I got news from the informers
I'm trapped in corners
Bustin shots at Time-Warner
Hey yo
My man big Todd
He know how to get by
He high
Threw a jinx
Then be fixed to be fly
And when he sticky keeper grip and move with traction
Keep mad alibies
A plan to stay wise and wide eyed
Living in the state of south side
Niggas all out for papes
All who wanna over take and leave you with drapes
The white sheet covers
This heat smuthers the street
We all ready for these wars
These the last days get yours
32 shots inserted the Glocks
You heard it for blocks
Living life on the edge of dangerous
Never giving a shit
Cause we living in it
Cause it be off the hook
Cheeba spots
The cops around the clock
Living life on the edge of dangerous
Where you living
Never giving a shit
Cause we living in it
Thinking about taking my own life
I might as well
'cept they might not sell weed in hell
And thats where I'm going
Cause the devil's inside of me
They make me rob from my own nationality
Its kind of ignorant
But yo I gotta pay the rent
So yeah, I'll stick a nigga most definite
Cause I'm a degenerate
If I get caught I'm innocent
Cause I dont leave no sticky finga prints
For the cops
They only good if they dead
All that badge and that gun shit be going to they head
To make bread I gotta steal for sport
So I stole the show and sell some pennies for my thoughts
And if this fucking rap shit dont pay
I'mma start selling drugs around my way
Killin my own people in the
Shit they gonna get it from somebody
Besides... you can't tax dirty money
And you can't trust nobody (nobody)
And I'll probably bite the bullet
Cause I live by the gun
We came to hear these 25 to life niggas who just came out
Its life on the edge of dangerous
Cause we living in it
In South suicide Queens where niggas act up
Official nas-throw your fucking gats up
Its life on the edge of dangerous
Cause we living in it
We never giving a shit
Cause we living in it
Official nas mother fuckers dont give a shit

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