Black M.F. in the House Songtext
von N.P.G.

Black M.F. in the House Songtext

Hey yo, what up man?
How much it cost to get in this motherfucker?

What the...? You people can't come in here

What you talkin' about man?

This is not the place for you

Shit, all I wanna do is use your telephone (Turn all that fucking shit off)
(Hey, hold on you, you just... hell, you just go now! Let go of me!)
Why you white motherfuckin' peckerwood, you redneck son-of-bitch!
(That fucking nigga - get out!)
I'll kick your motherfuckin' ass! (Hold back!)

Here we go

If you ain't got no money, you can't taste mine

Man, he got 2 be crazy

Yo, what's this motherfucker talkin about G?

Yo Tone, I don't know
Cold grab the mic and just wreck some shit!

(Come on y'all) {sample repeats in song}

You got a black motherfucker in the house on the 1 and 2
So you don't like the language, I say "Yo, fuck you!"
Cuz this my record and I'm irate
And as a matter of fact, let's set the motherfuckin' record straight
Some of you can't stand the way I bring it
And can't stand the way a black motherfucker swings it
Check this out, G
If you never stereotyped it, the stereotype would never be, ho!

But for now, you got some black motherfuckers in the house
(What up, loc?) (Oh my God!)
Yeah, you got some black motherfuckers in the house
(What up, loc?) (Oh my God!)

Don't you hate it when a jig is in the house? (Yep)
He ain't been in the club 5 minutes
'Fore 6 or 7 cuss words flyin' out his mouth (Fuck you)
Hand all on his erection
Makin' rude gestures in your girl's direction
Don't you hate it when they get up and dance?
you don't watch Soul Train, you ain't got a chance
What the hell they got to come here for? (Hell, I don't know, Cliff)

Next time we need a big white sign at the door that says
"No black motherfuckers in the house" (Yep, that'll do it)
Get the hell out of here
No black motherfuckers in the house
(Common ho) (Oh my God!)

Best place for a coon's in the tree (Yep, get a rope)

I don't know Charlotte, that big one's kinda cute
(Black, black)
Why he could stir my lemonade any day
(Black motherfuckers in the house)

Awww, here he comes again

Now I'm hyped and I'm vexed, streamin' to set it off
It's time we saw you with the N.P.G., the refs get off
I mean we come off, I believe it's cuz of the shit we tossed
I'm thinkin' about the redneck motherfucker who thinks he's the boss
Who's the dudes that let loose the vibe?
Yo, and labeled me just another chicken-eatin' nigga in the tribe?
for a man with no tribe is a man with no family
Dumb motherfucker, understand me?

What did you say? Billy Bob, go get my pistol (Mm-hmm)
you got some black motherfuckers in the house
(What up, loc?) (Oh my God!)
I'll cut your ass
Yeah, you got some black motherfuckers in the house
(Get up, loc) (Oh my God!)

{repeat phrase 3 times}
Black, black {x3}
Black motherfuckers in the house

Hey, let go of my arm
Nigga, what's wrong with you?

Uh oh

Where U taking me?

Shut up

Ooh, is that your car?

U know it

Redneck 2:
Cliff, U gotta do something

Damn, this shit is boring
Why don't you boots do a solo or something? you...
Hey boy, you gonna play the piano or just bang on it?
(Black, black, black motherfuckers in the house)
About time, hell
(Black, black, black motherfuckers in the house)

Redneck 2:
Cliff, that boy on that piano kinda good

He's alright, it's that big one I got a problem with
Billy Bob, get my pistol, shit

Redneck 2:
And he got a real pretty mouth

Now watch

Yo, you got the black motherfuckers in the house (What up, loc?)

See, that's what I'm talkin about, he...
He oughta keep his place (He oughta keep his place)

Sho'nuff some black motherfuckers in the house (What up, loc?)

Alright, where is he?

Floyd, what in the sam hill don' happened to you?
(...them niggaz...) (I don't like that part)

Ha, ha, ha

I'm'o tell U one thing I do not like

Don't give a fuck what you like! (I'll do him, Cliff)

I do not... boy, don't you holler at me, I hate that

I don't like my...

Come here boy

I don't like crackers in my soup

Don't U know I will cut your ass 3 ways: long, deep and constantly!

Come on y'all
Stop racism now!

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