Walk in Silence Songtext
von Nomy

Walk in Silence Songtext

Have you noticed that we're dancing all alone
I dont mind it But everyone seems to bee laughing at us

Have you been noticed they are gone They did mind it
Everyone just disappear when this song came on

Dance away now close to me in enternity
Dance away now, my only one

Soul on fire takes you higher
We'll dance on and keep on living
Let them think they are forgiven

Soul on fire your desire
Stay alone if they dont want you
Leave em all so you can live too

Have you noticed that we're laughing all alone
As long as someone still do I'll stay close to you

Have you been noticed what we are
We are like one pair of shoes that no one want to use

Have you been noticed that we are everything what they are not
Everything they forgot
All your life you has been a misery
Untill the day you found the poetry

Have you ever been all alone even though you're in a crowd
And all the times they dont hear you even though you scream is loud

And they wont need you as long as you cant claim place
And they wont see you even though you're in their face

Have you ever been all alone even though you're in a crowd
And all the roads you are on it's like you're running in a cloud

You're standing quite hoping it will end some day
So walk in silence there's no reason here to stay

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