Don't Stand Still Songtext
von No Age

Don't Stand Still Songtext

Don't stand still, just walk away
I know my name and I am fine
Adding bodies to the stack
I have fallen and can't turn back
I look in their eyes, try to see what it was inside
I wish they were still alive
Just sit still, can't look away
I see what I've done and start to cry
I blink my eyes and try to see
Feels like death is calling me

Watching the quiet life, been a while since I felt fine
Trying to wake myself inside
I sit on a hill that rots away
I water the plants and hope they die
Drag the bodies down in the street
Bomb bomb, have a nice dream
Water is washing away what the sun has never seen
Make a daydream look so mean
I hope you will float
I hope you will float far away

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