Wondering Tonight Songtext
von Ninja Sex Party

Wondering Tonight Songtext

Sometimes I think of you and I
I thought we made a perfect couple
But you said goodbye

Now time will heal a wounded heart
But when I look up at the stars
I wonder where you are

Now tonight
I wonder who you're slamming hard tonight
Who is looking deeply in your eyes
And railing the shit right out of you tonight?
Whose balls are you gargling tonight?

I sit here underneath the moon
Wondering how our cherished memories
Were gone so soon
I throw a stone into the lake
And think about how you are all
I'll ever know of grace

And tonight
Whose fuck-rod are you jacking off tonight?
Who's lifting you so gently to the sky
Then skewering you with meat-sword fuel tonight?
Who are you slinging yogurt with tonight?

I'm missing you like crazy tonight
I'm sitting here just thinking about why
I'm alone without you next to me tonight
Whose hog are you snarfing on tonight?

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