Welcome To My Parents' House Songtext
von Ninja Sex Party

Welcome To My Parents' House Songtext

Hey there, baby
We made out on the dance floor
You pressed your body
Up against me all night long

I know what′s on your mind
Our souls are entwined
In the passion of the race
The look in your eyes says
"Take me tonight"
Well, I've got just the place

A place where we can be alone
Unless my mom and dad are home

Welcome to my parents′ house (welcome to my parents' house)
My mom left out snackies
I bet you're feeling horny now (I bet you′re feeling horny now)
So why don′t we get nasty, nasty, nasty, yeah

Hush now, baby
You seem like a keeper
But your high heels are so loud
Dad is a light sleeper, ugh

I got my very own room
And tons of free food
What's your favorite juice?
We′ve got mango and apple
And guava and apple
So many fucking fruits

My mom buys Pizza Rolls for me
Can you believe this shit is free?

Welcome to my parents' house (welcome to my parents′ house)
King must have his castle
That's my grandma′s basset hound (that's my grandma's basset hound)
He′s such a sassy rascal
Aren′t you, Marvin?
Parents' house

Parents′ house

We're gonna bring the funk tonight
I′m getting the top bunk tonight
Drop and thump that junk tonight
Like a 360 dump tonight
Mom's cake is chocolate chunk tonight
This party′s getting crunk tonight
We're sparkin' up that skunk tonight
′Cause I got disco home tonight

Uh, mom
S-sorry, sorry, every-everything′s fine
You need to go to bed
Okay, good night

Welcome to my parents' house
Let′s use our inside voices (Sshhh)
Sometimes my mom just hangs around
To make sure I make good choices
Hit it!

Welcome to my parents' house (welcome to my parents′ house)
Parents' house (welcome to my parents′ house)
Parents' house

Dad, I'm supposed to have the
Downstairs to myself tonight! (Parents′ house)
Get out of here, I said I′m on a date! (Parents' house)
You always do this when I say I have company over! (Parents′ house)
And you ate all the ham in the fridge!
And you said you wouldn't! (Parents′ house)
Yes, it's a girl!

(Parents′ house)
(Parents' house)
(Parents' house)

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