All Stars 2 Songtext
von Nines

All Stars 2 Songtext

Humble but I don't take bad up
Just bagged up a nine 'bout to whip up somethin' with my favourite rapper
Got hammers and the gang's united, still got gunners in my team like Xhaka
Just know the machine's got bine and the hunting knife's got claws like Santa
Uptown for some cheese and pasta
Keek's don't wanna go halves on a rental, I treat the C class like an Astra
Sixteen, first time I ever gripped on a shh...
Let me change the topic
Still get 'round where, let me switch my crep and just change my top quick
Cover up goods so the camera's don't recognise me
Like my phone when I'm tryna unlock it
Interview room, don't panic, I keep my cool, Jordan
Next whip that I buy gon' be push to start, I ain't gonna need keys, Morgan
This one's for all of my teachers and anyone else that doubted
Used to bang out Loyal to the Soil in school, now look, I'm on Nina's album
All the wass on the phone sounds good but man better keep the same energy
I told man it don't make us cool cah we got the same enemies
The less friends, the better b, cats phoning cah we got better B
Told her "After I nut, you better leave"
The woman crush wanna have sex with me (ayy, yeah)

I could pebble a thousand rocks per hour
Made a mess on the kitchen counter
Left the waps in the dressing room
Always got thugs around us (they know)
Versace gown on the wing
Double wrap my mash and cling
Talkin' loose on the phone to bae
I'll be more than pissed if the govs walk in
Before the label hit me, I got my first advance from the streets (they know)
Can't reason with bro, he ain't hear none of that chat
AIn't givin' them a chance to speak
Two bricks in her crib
Said she ain't done this shit for no one apart from me
All of them late night M-way trips
Do it in Stussy, 63
They don't sell this in London
Gotta go Milan or Paris, drip from overseas
Diamonds wet and I make your girl feel wet whenever I show my teeth (bling)

This ting can't fit on my waist (Nah)
It's longer than a guitar case
And you need people like me
To say "That's the bad guy", I'm like Scarface
Got so much B in the room
Any noise outside and my heart race
And they never thought I would make it
I'm like a flower that grew in a dark place
I'm the last person they thought would blow
Overseas, still runnin' the ends
Mum's talking about them...
Only if she knew it was her son and his friends
Bummy niggas rappin' 'bout Z's still
Them times we were tryna make a next meal
Told my nigga Clavish to calm down
Cah he'll run in your house like a treadmill

Still real on 36 (woo)
And trap, yeah, I did
Yeah, I done it
Had shots ringin' off the trapline
Run up in the bando, tell 'em that the pack's mine
I think I saw me the sweetest one
Hair and nails fleek with a bubble bum (uh)
I fuck her deep, make her double cum (sexy)
Now she's tellin' her friends I'm the number one
Hold up, just pause (uh)
Had man's gyal on all fours
Gang did tours, now tour
Still Pop Smoke, Dior
Waps I've copped, galore
I be over there, I spray for sure (I spray)
Offshore, packs fly, one call
They pictured I, now I ball (trap)

Inna my pockets, the rocket (rocket)
And I don't go get it cah I got it
Went out sellin' crack, all these niggas, they would gossip (grease)
Miss his head twice, I shot him in his stomach (grra)
Nowadays, niggas ain't gangster
I'll electrify your chick like blanca
All they want to hear is banter (To hear is banter)
Christmas time is here, I'm Santa (Santa)
Got the presents wrapped up, come and share the glamour
Got this beat here wrapped up, come and hear the banger (banger)
Middle of the day, it's on camera
Had the opps drinking, they're sniffing Montana (grease)
Twenty inch rims on my Bimmer, zimmer
Turbo button for the thriller, nigga
All star chain cah I'm a winner (bling)
Automatic gun fire, lick a driller

Come on
Ice City boy run the CSB part of it
Free the team

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