Sometimes Not Serious Songtext
von Night Lovell

Sometimes Not Serious Songtext

On the bank side of the flip, never seen
Never see me on the other side I'm always green
Say it man, I'm just a fucking layout
Says me when I break out
Catch me at the stake house
Nigga catch me at yo' bitch house
I'm always watching from the distance like a fucking cobra
My head snapback, snapback to my shoulders
Niggas saying that you want her
That bitch straight from Rwanda
You still too dumb to see that I done broke the Magna Carta
Tip toeing nigga
Climb slowly nigga
You never ready can't you see the fucking slope nigga
Below zero nigga
You ain't a hero nigga

Claiming that you made it?
Shit, I say I only tell the truth
You stay away from staining but see stay up in the booth
Thinking bout the time you said you'd make it out the shit
I made it out the shit, since I was a fucking jet
Shit we coming on the phone
Sleeping in that ozone
Til the flow
Bitch before the night and come back for some more
Want some more?
Never show that I got that bitch for the dome
And I go in the back of the mothafucking store
Seeing dead bodies laid out on the side of the glass
All I see is blood right beside the broken glass
Never got no time to never make it out the damn back
Mostly show that I will never wanna go back nigga

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