RIP Trust Songtext
von Night Lovell

RIP Trust Songtext

I'm so lost in a world of black seas now
Lost in the water got me looking for the keys now
I don't know myself I prolly switch up on my G's now
I drink half the bottle just to dash away the fee's now
I chose all these things I know
I take all the blame I put it on me I know
All these goofy niggas tryna block me I know
All these fake dudes say they run the fucking cold

Fuck the drama
I only came to get the motherfuckin' moolah (brr)
Yo' bitch will fuck me then she get me all the moolah
Flip her over like I'm reading Kama Sutra, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Kama, kama, kama, kama, yeah-yeah (brr)
Step close face my Katana, yeah-yeah
All my niggas whippin' in the Honda
All around the world
I move like I'm a panorama, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah

Can't you tell I've lost my patience
I'm so new with all these changes
Old band kids I've made these changes
Test my life I'll make you brainless
I'm insane that's a shame for my life now
Book myself a flight and take my ass away from life now
Fourteen god damn shots he's dead
Things I do with all this money got up in my head

Black Seas
I might move away from over Black Seas
Got me staying up for days Black Seas
The cocaine kills in Black Seas
I'm so bad now
Cause Black Seas
Got a nigga saying please man, please
Can't you see the fucking marks on my knees
I'm never going back to the Black Seas

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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