PP15 Interlude Songtext
von Night Lovell

PP15 Interlude Songtext

Life sucks when you talking 'bout the game
Boolin' with my niggas and we dreaming on the way (Yeah)
Planning all the problems that we made
Got that AK-47 just to ruin all your days (Yeah, yeah)
You don't commit, let that bitch sit
They call me bossy but I give no shit
I go to cash out on pink tamagotchis
I promise that next time I'll grow up a bit (gun shoot)
Calling for the first time
Say she wanna show the tan lines

I told her hit me on the FaceTime
These niggas hanging off the grape vine
Ten deep walking down baseline
No I don't got no damn time
Niggas asking for a lifeline
I got ways to the gold mine
Nigga I'm about mine
Pay attention to the hand sign
Niggas running from the gang signs, gang signs
I was just like, the rest of them I don't really fuck with cause I remember them all coming over to fucking Robby's and smoking us all a joint and after it was all done they were like "Yo, that was a DMT joint." And we were all fuckin staring at this plate on the table that had like this flowery design on it and everyone was like "Yo, you see that fuckin plate?" And we're like droolin lookin at the fuckin plate

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