Forget About Me Songtext
von Night Lovell

Forget About Me Songtext

Down slow in the light source
Tell my bitch i make a livin' on the race course
Fuck a nigga walkin' like he on the fucking quarter swear he force
See i never sell you shit I killed that shit and show a slip
Bitch i play the fucking game you never thought of
Placin' cash up on my table never fucking got her
Breaking windows to my shit I never really stopped
Never shot
Never pull up on the pack of shit I know I'm fucking taught
Runnin' rains with no shit to know
Playin' games with no place to go
Takin' names i got shit to show
Talk down with your bitch know
Strollin round the way
Takin' selves i never fade
Playin bitches on the ground
and say some shit i never gave
Rock the shit i made from day one
Burn slow, shit fun
Come around the next day
Bring down that gold play
Think my shit ain't shit to get
Niggas play my fuckin' head
Talkin' bitches won't you take my word
I never want a check

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