Dead Lovell Songtext
von Night Lovell

Dead Lovell Songtext

All black packs in the day
Bitch you better get the fuck up out the way
Takin niggas to the back of the play
Plots to the shots kill all damn day
Runnin back, runnin fast, never no gas
Bait when I'm runnin with the shit from the past
All black kit, all black whip
Nigga move back, can't touch that shit
No shit tryna show, nigga
See heat waves in the snow, trigga
Break through slow when I walk with the coat
Tell a fuck nigga move then I walk with the gold
Creep up slow to your mom house nigga
Break down doors, fuck a White House nigga
Lovell don't play, when you see me in the day
Don't test me bitch or your ass gon... pay

I was right about everything, right about everything

See me at the top of the motherland
Got about Fifty Grand... get it?
Same shit, same shit, Night Lovell just made one hit
Tell me that I'm wack when I come with the pack
Tell me that I'm wack when you ain't done jack
North boys comin for your life go figure
Talkin all day, ain't done shit bigger
Read down fax
Walk on by, well shit no stacks
Never yo bitch when I say I got racks
Never show shit bitch I hide in the grass
Never thought that I'd come back to the block
Never was it really ever brought up in the plot
Take these words to your head
Shit, is Lovell really dead?

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